Seamus McNally

Seamus McNally is a filmmaker based in New York, residing in Brooklyn.

The Reach

Based on the story by Stephen King

“The Reach” was first published in Yankee Magazine in 1981 as “Do the Dead Sing..?,” and later included as the closing story in Stephen King’s “Skeleton Crew.” Joyce Carol Oates’ featured the story in her quintessential “American Gothic Tales.”

This masterwork of short fiction was optioned by Seamus McNally, who co-wrote the screenplay adaptation with veteran screenwriter, Julie Talen.

The script has Stephen King’s approval and the project is in development with producing partner, John J. Kelly (Into the Wild, 127 Hours), and casting director Ronnie Yeskel (Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, The Sessions - 2012).

Interview with King on The Today Show with Matt Lauer (2008)

Matt Lauer: If, after your death, you knew that only one of your stories would be remembered, which one would you want it to be?

Stephen King: There’s a story called “The Reach,” which really is the Maine that I grew up in and people that I know, so that’s the one.